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Good Shepherd Matriculation Hr.Sec School
Recoginised by Government of Tamil Nadu 


A school which parents choose for a variety of reasons: the balance of the curriculum, the wide range of excellent facilities, the friendly and open nature of the boys and girls, the secure and caring environment, the importance of cultural and moral values and the sense of enjoyment - the 'buzz' of the school - which is always in evidence. Good Shepherd Matric. Hr. Sec. School is for boys and girls aged 3-18 who are naturally curious about the world and ready to take advantage of the many opportunities our school offers. The latest technology, a stimulating curriculum and contemporary buildings all provide an ideal learning environment. We hope you will come to see the school for yourselves and experience the atmosphere and involvement of the children and staff.


Good Shepherd is a very happy school and we are proud of our ability to eliminate the issues that some other schools face. To ensure that Good Shepherd School remains free from bullying and religious differences, caste and creed children are supported in every way whilst they attend the school. We have robust policies that children, staff and parents adhere to at all times. Our school values reject bullying, cheating, deceit, cruelty, dishonesty and irresponsibility. Our policies are reviewed and updated on a regular basis, and our open door policy enables children, staff and parents to talk in confidence about any issues or concerns they may have.


The Vision is based on the five aims of ‘Every Child Matters’ 1. Be healthy 2. Stay safe 3. Enjoy and achieve 4. Make a positive contribution 5. Be prepared for a life that is appropriate for the individual pupil The staff at Good Shepherd have a commitment to always provide a secure, happy, caring and respectful environment where a differentiated curriculum is delivered which ensures the needs of every pupil is met. The school endeavours to work in close partnership with parents and carers with the aim being to nurture the development of mutual trust, respect and confidence. Our school believes the pathway to successful learning begins with self-esteem, respect for oneself and respect for others. In our happy, secure environment the emphasis is placed on each child being recognized as a valued individual. We help our pupils to develop their full potential in both academic and non-academic fields with a strong moral understanding of truth, equality and humanity . We aim to give our pupils life-enhancing strategies to build on as they progress towards the adult world.


1. New pupils must be introduced personally by their parents or guardians who will be responsible for their good character regularity in attendance and payment of fees.
2. The Management reserves the right to refuse admission and issue T.C. without assigning any reason.
3. Application for Transfer Certificate along with Rs. 100/- as Transfer Certificate Fee shall be submitted directly to the Principal in writing by the parent or guardian before April 15th, stating the reason for the withdrawal of the pupil.
4. The parent shall procure a “Clearance Certificate” from the accountant and contact the School office for the Collection of Transfer Certificate after three days. Transfer Certificate will not be granted earlier in any case.
5. In the case of a child who discontinues studies due to any reason and applies for Transfer Certificate after the prescribed date of the year, the transfer Certificate will be issued only on the payment of first term fees. Even if the child has attended the school for one day; full fees for the first term of the next academic year has to be paid before the application for Transfer Certificate is entertained or accepted. In case the application is received after the first term and a child leaves the school during second term or the subsequent term he/she shall pay the fees for all the remaining terms of the academic year.
6. In exceptional cases the management will consider the bonafide of the request of the student and pass order for the issue of T.C. or otherwise at its discretion.
7. All applications for transfer certificate should be presented to the principal who will, maintain a register for issue of this certificate.
8. The leave application shall contain the following particulars
a) Name of pupil.
b) Class and Section.
c) Reason for absence.
d) Period for which leave is required.
e) Date of application.
f) Signature of the parent or guardian.


1. All pupils will attend the school in the prescribed uniform in time for the morning Assembly by 8.5Oa.m. The uniform shall be clean full and well-pressed. Students improperly dressed or not in full uniform will not be permitted to enter their classes. Proper uniform includes decent and smart haircuts for boys.
2. The Children have to go in an orderly manner and proceed in a single line and observe perfect silence in the Assembly and return to their respective class room. The class teacher will regulate this.
3. They will not be admitted if they have contagious or infectious diseases. Such cases should be reported to the class Teacher / Principal.
4. They shall bring to the School only the books and notebooks needed for the day.
5. They shall themselves be responsible for all their belongings and should look after them properly. Home Assignments shall be done neatly and regularly and submitted on the due date. Parents are requested not to offer remarks in the note book corrected by teachers. They may do so separately in a sheet of paper if they so desire. The teachers shall take note of such remarks and file them separately.
6. The class rooms and the School Premises in general shall be kept neat and tidy. Scribbling on walls scattering bits of papers, dirtying the doors, windows etc. damaging furniture and other objectionable practices are strictly forbidden. Damage will be claimed from the students indulging in such activities.
7. The pupils shall be in the places assigned to them as soon as the bell is rung for the Morning Assembly.
8. The students should behave decently and be courteous while speaking and in action both inside and outside the school.
9. No pupil shall enter or leave the class without the permission the teacher, when the class is in session.
10. Perfect silence must prevail during the Assembly, in class room while proceeding from one class to another and during working hours at all School functions and while going home.
11. Any pupil loitering in the School premises will be dealt with seriously.
12. During recess time and lunch hour’s pupil’s behavior will be subject to observation and correction.
13. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect of home work, disobedience, disrespect towards members of the staff or management or bad moral influence will result in severe punishment. Students are responsible to the school authorities for their conduct both in and outside the school.
14. Pupils are required to be clean and tidy in their dress and appearance.
15. Pupils are required to take part in all Co-curricular activities of the school as part of their civic training and no one will be exempted except for special reasons.
16. Pupils shall not bring large amount of cash or wear gold jewels while coming to the school.
17. Pupils shall be dignified and polite in their manner and should show respect and courtesy to their teachers and members of the management. They should be graceful and friendly in their behavior towards their school mates.
18. Pupils shall speak ONLY in ENGLISH in the School premises to acquire facility in the command and study of the English Language.
19. Every pupil must possess a school hand book which must be brought to School daily.
20. Students shall not play in the class rooms or corridors The school or shout while the classes are in session. The class teachers will watch this and take action immediately.
21. The Management of the School reserves the right to a or modify or cancel any of the standing rules and enforce new rules from time to time.
22. The Management of the School reserves the right to expel a pupil on grounds of serious irregularity of attendance, disobedience, malpractice at examination or any other act of indiscipline or misconduct in the school. Decision of the School authorities in this regard will be final.


1. Three Terminal Examinations are held in the year. First in September, second in December and the third at the end of the academic year.
2. There will be monthly tests.
3. Pupils absent from Examinations without reasons will be considered as having failed. Pupils absent from any Examinations and Students found copying or using unfair means in any Examination will be detained. Parents are requested not to disturb their ward and teachers during class hours through phone or personal appearance. They can meet the principal whenever necessary.
4. Parents are requested to meet the principal without fail if and when called for to discuss progress and conduct of the children.
5. Parents should check up the remark in the notebooks and hand books on late attendance, default uniform and note sent by the teacher. They are requested to take note of these and sign and return reports to the teacher from time to time without delay.
6. The parents should bear in mind that their co-operation is essential for enforcement of regularity, punctuality and discipline and for raising the standard of the Students.


1. The Progress Report showing the performance of the pupils and his/her results will be sent to parents or guardians after every school Examination. They must be signed and returned within 3 days of receipt.
2. Parents should expect and demand from their children the progress report of the Examinations about a week after the last day of the test.
3. A pupil whose report is not signed by parent or guardian will not be allowed in the class.
4. A pupil who tampers with the progress report or is found guilty of any other misconduct is liable for dismissal.
5. In all matters of promotions or failure the Principal’s decision is final and cannot be questioned.


1. Absence by the child must be supported by a leave letter signed by the parent or guardian on the day of return to the school.
2. No child shall absent himself / herself without obtaining leave previously. Leave must be obtained by written application by the parent / guardian in the prescribed, Leave Record in the hand book.
3. A child absenting himself / herself from school for more than 15 working days without notice will be marked ‘Left’ and will have to be re-admitted.
4. If the absence on account of illness lasts more than 5 days, the application for leave must be accompanied by a Medical Certificate.
5. Students should be present on the Reopening day after each vacation and the last day of every term. Absence on these days without adequate reason will be viewed very seriously.
6. Students must be punctual for class. Late comers should not enter class without permission of the one in-charge. Repeated late coming may warrant more serious action.


1. This school is not getting any grant or other forms of financial and from the government or from other sources.
2. Education is a joint responsibility. Parents and teachers have to co-ordinate their efforts in order to train the children on proper lines to shape and build u their behavior and character. Parents are therefore requested to extend their utmost co-operation to the School authorities in helping the children to grow in knowledge with good conduct and character.
3. Parents / guardians will kindly look into the Home lesson notebook and sign it every day to ensure that the Homework prescribed is promptly done. They will also ensure that the pupils make special efforts to study the subjects in which they are weak. Pupils shall be encouraged to cultivate habit of neatness, self-help and systematic work.
4. Students shall attend the Morning Assembly. They shall gather in their class rooms five minutes before the commencement of the bell. When the bell rings they will march in line to the Morning assembly duly escorted by the class teachers. Late comers shall form a separate line in the assembly without disturbing it and shall go to their classes only after clearance by the Principal or Vice - Principal.
5. Students shall stand up when teacher or other members of the management committee enters the class and remain standing till the teacher directs them to sit.
6. Parents are requested to bring to the notice of the Principal any special difficulty or deficiency suffered by their children in their education for suitable remedial measures.
7. The school accepts no responsibility if the pupil is G ordered to return home during class hours for not wearing school Uniform, for not bringing books to class, for not producing signature of parents on remarks written by teachers for reason of indiscipline and for repeated late coming.
8. Parents can contact the teachers during lunch time or before the Assembly or after School hours.
9. Parents who want their children to be sent home urgently for any reason should get permission by meeting the Principal. Children will not be sent home with brothers, sisters or relatives even if they are known to the School or on the basis of letters sent through person unknown to the Principal / Class teacher.
10. Parents will kindly note that when it rains heavily at the time of the children starting for the school they will use their discretion and take such steps as would help the children not to be exposed to any risk. Children coming late on such occasions or keeping themselves at home for a short time will not be penalized.
11. Parent, especially of children of lower classes, should arrange to take the children home immediately after school hours. The school Authorities will not be responsible for their safety after the School hours.
12. Parents are requested to note the information on the Notice Board of the School.
13. Change of address of parents or guardian should be intimated to the school office and class teachers.
14. Parents should contact the head of the school when they find that their ward is not making the desired progress and if there is any real need for private tuition the Headmistress should be informed and she will arrange the same.

Groups Available in XI STD

Group A: Physics, Chemistry. Maths, Computer Science
Group B: Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology
Group C: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Bio-Chemistry
Group D: Accountancy, Commerce, Computer Science, Economics
Group E: Accountancy, Commerce, Economics, Business Maths